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As the sun sets during your daily yoga session you gaze at the mountains and start to feel just like them - fierce and strong.  That inner strength you crave is building inside and you are finally feeling amazing and confident in your own skin.  You realize the powerful impact of the warrior poses you have been practicing on this adventure getaway and can't wait to take this teaching to your home yoga practice.    

The Smoky Mountains have inspired you all weekend and you feel amazing having immersed yourself in this wildly majestic place.  These mountains are called "smoky" for a reason.  The cloud formations are in constant shift making for outstanding sunsets and sunrises.  You feel truly inspired to begin a great transformation. 

At the end of the yoga practice you lie on your mat in savasana to relax and soak in all you have learned and felt. This is exactly what you needed.  You feel excitement, anticipation and curiosity for the challenging hike to Mt Leconte Lodge!



Townsend, TN + Mt Leconte Lodge are the perfect places to spend 4 days and 3 nights....

....learning yoga practices that will make you feel fierce and strong, challenging yourself to the amazing hiking in the Smokies and eating fiercely delicious food.

Are you tired of the same hikes and looking for a big, new challenge that will make you feel super strong?

We've got you covered.  The hike up to Mt Leconte Lodge is totally unique, inspiring and not for the faint of heart - you will feel amazing after conquering this mountain!  

Are you ready to step into your yoga practice in a more fierce way?

Happy to help!  Heather will show you how to light up and strengthen your yoga practice in a fierce way!

Do you desire to feel amazing in your body and let go of judgements around insecurities?

We'll dive into this topic together!  No worries.  Heather will teach you how to feel strong and confident through yoga, meditation and hiking!

The Venue...             

Townsend, TN + Mt Leconte Lodge - We will spend 3 lovely days and 2 nights in The Smoky Mountain Cabin in Townsend which is away from the hustle and bustle of Gatlinburg and 1 day, 1 night in Mt Leconte Lodge.

The Smoky Mountain Cabin is perched all alone at the top of a mountain right next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Being the only cabin at the end of the road, the home truly offers you the chance to "get away from it all". Occasionally a car will drive up to take in the wonderful view. Otherwise, there is no traffic, which is perfect for peace and quiet. The cabin has a cozy, special feeling the moment you walk in the door. The bedrooms are all cozy and decorated beautifully.  You will feel welcome and among friends at your temporary home away from home. 

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Mt Leconte Lodge -  High atop Mt. LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, LeConte Lodge® is the highest guest lodge in the eastern United States. It is situated on an open glade just below the summit of Mt. LeConte at an elevation of about 6400 feet. The Lodge serves as a grandstand for the entire Park and commands spectacular views of the Smokies.

It is accessible only by hiking and is the only place in the Smoky Mountains where a visitor can sleep overnight in a snug permanent structure. There are no roads that lead to the Lodge. There are five hiking trails that lead to the Lodge ranging in length from 5.5 miles up to 8 miles.

The Lodge offers an atmosphere of quiet simplicity where people find relaxation and renewed energy in the cool, majestic solitude at the top of the Smokies. Guests are housed in hand built rough hewn log cabins with propane heat, kerosene lanterns, clean linens and warm Hudson Bay wool blankets. 

The Eats...

Chef Heather will prepare fiercely delicious, mouth-watering vegetarian meals for you while staying at The Smoky Mountain Cabin.  Dishes might include Chilled Watermelon Soup, Stuffed Butternut Squash French Toast, and Grilled Eggplant Parmesan Salad.  These meals will leave you feeling super nourished and strong!

While staying at Mt Leconte Lodge you will enjoy hearty, family style meals that will fill your belly after the long hike up the mountain. All dietary needs can be met!  Simply let Heather know if you have any special needs.


The Delights...

Don't worry, there will be downtime as well. Remember, it is important to be a balanced, fierce warrior!

After hiking down the mountain full of inspiration on Saturday you will have time to totally chill.  

Maybe you decide your method of relaxation is tubing down The Little River followed by a dip in the hot tub.  Tubing down The Little River is the perfect way to relax, unwind and giggle as you float through the fun little rapids. 


Perhaps you choose to indulge in a massage and then sit on the porch to enjoy the view with a good book... 

A masseuse will come to the cabin to provide massages right on the porch where you will enjoy the breeze while being totally pampered.  

It is up to the NEW FIERCE YOU to decide how you want to spend your free time!

The Treasures...

You will leave this adventure with a full treasure chest! 

You will head home with the tools you need to be more fierce and confident on your yoga mat.  
You will learn yoga tips that will enhance your yoga practice and can immediately bring you into your strong body and fierce self.  We will dive into the fine details of the warrior poses.

You will have no fear & be equipped to step into a NEW you standing tall and strong.

The confidence gained from the hike up to Mt Leconte will stay with you long after arriving home.  You will also learn a specific meditation practice that you can use anytime to boost confidence and inner strength.

You will have an amazing new supportive, fierce community of people who will lift you up and will be there for you as you leap into this new flourishing life.

The people you meet on this trip will be a priceless addition to your new treasure chest!  



What's Included:

  • 6 Yoga + Meditation Sessions
  • All meals
  • 2 nights at Smoky Mountain Cabin - double occupancy, shared queen bed
  • 1 night at Mt Leconte Lodge - double occupancy, shared queen beds
  • 3 guided hikes

What's Not Included:

  • Massage
  • Tubing
  • Transportation to the lodges

About Heather:

Heather Feather loves going on active getaways and challenging herself to new adventures to keep life fresh and exciting.  Heather went to Mt Leconte for the first time in 2005 and it stood out vividly in her mind as she planned her first big guided adventure trip in 2015.  She can't wait to share this fairy tale like, inspiring place with YOU!

Heather is a marathoner, ultramarathoner, triathlete, long distance swimmer, avid hiker and 500-hour trained yoga instructor.  She will share with you the power of a good hiking challenge, a strong yoga practice and how it can make you feel amazing in your body.  

Heather has gained so much confidence in her body image through physical activity and yoga.  She feels amazing in her own skin and wants that for you too!  It has been a long journey, but Heather knows it is possible.  She used to be self conscious about her athletic legs, butt and thighs - Heather grew up playing soccer.  She would not wear boots for a long time because she was so judgmental of her "big calves."  Big calves no more... Strong calves that take her awesome places!  Heather will share with you how to strengthen your yoga practice to feel awesome too!

Through being physically active now with the intention of feeling strong, not skinny, Heather feels amazing.  She has been studying yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2009.  Heather has learned yoga practices that enhance the outdoor activities to get you more into your body and will share that with you as well.  Heather can't wait to help you transform into a fiercely strong person ready to flourish!

Are you ready to go for it?!